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Cambium Lost Arts

Crescent Sculpture - 16”

Crescent Sculpture - 16”

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The Crescent Basket makes for a stunning, organic-meets-geometric display with it’s dramatic curves and foraged driftwood branch handle. Use this basket for small harvests, like berries, or cherry tomatoes, and set it on your counter or shelf for a stunning display of your findings. This basket is made from a hand-split White Oak frame, and woven in with White Ash weavers. The handle is made from a driftwood branch, found on the banks of the river of the artists home.

About the material:
I mindfully hand-select each White Oak tree from my land in the Catskill Mountains in New York State, then carefully split each log by hand using only an axe and a knife to create thin, pliable strips. This Lost Art comes from the Appalachian tradition, with it’s origins in Cumbrian spelk basketry. This is a one-of-a-kind piece takes approximately 28 hours to painstakingly make by hand.

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